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A Challenge to the Cosmetics Industry

                                                                                      (“Oh, no you didn’t”…)

We at The Skin Regime have an on-going challenge to any major drugstore or department store cosmetic/skin care line. We are asking them to go up against the products and techniques suggested in The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin.  

We suggest taking a handful of women (and a man or two), have them use the Expensive Skin Care company’s products on one side of their face, and The Skin Regime Boot Camp suggestions on the other. After a few weeks, let us compare.

If any company’s products even come close to the great results that can be accomplished with The Skin Regime, we will donate to their charities and promote them on our web and in future revisions.

If they fail, we get “bragging rights” and the Expensive company will donate to The Skin Cancer Foundation and other wonderful charities of our choice.

So far, no one has taken the challenge. Wanna know why? Read on…)

  Oh, yes we did! It’s ON. Bring it!