The Skin Regime

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1. The Best stuff for your skin costs more. This is the biggest lie. The Cosmetic Industry wants you to believe that, as well as the lie that their products work better than what dermatologists recommend. Truth: The salon and doctor facials/peels that cost over $100 a pop--you can do them safely and effectively at home for a cost of about $6 (six) dollars per treatment. And for daily care? Mild soaps and moisturizers are pretty much all you need.

2. It is too risky to give yourself a "peel" at home. Wrong. If you start with the lower strength glycolic peels--like the salons use--you will find it surprisingly mild, yet amazingly effective. The trick is to know what to use and how to do it. And you might not "peel," but only get a little flaking--maybe. This is what The Skin Regime teaches you, and it is backed by one of the most reputable dermatologists in the country.

3. Good skin care is a huge time commitment with lots of products. So wrong. Of course, the big department store brands want to sell you pricey toners and lotions and serums and eye creams and masks and on and on. You only need three basic things: A mild soap, a mild moisturizer, and sunscreen to protect your skin. This is proven, and all good dermatologists will tell you the same thing.

4. The best new stuff comes from beauty company laboratories. No, the latest fad stuff usually comes from them. They love to use words like peptides and hydro this-or-that, and radical, or revolutionary and so on. Would you trust a gal at the beauty counter to treat your flu? Then why do you trust them to treat your skin? The established medical community has the stuff that is universally recognized as safe and effective for the skin--such as tretinoin creams, hydroquinone, glycolic preparations (in the right strengths, not what is in beauty company creams).  

5. All-natural products are the best for your skin. Not necessarily. Sure, coconut oil is a great moisturizer, but for the most part, all-natural products are loaded with chemicals and they are no more effective than reasonably-priced products that have proven ingredients.

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