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The Skin Regime;

Boot camp for beautiful skin


Now Available on, as paperback and on Kindle.



Now in its 2nd edition--updated and expanded!  This best-selling book presents the truth about skincare and the lies from the beauty industry. Bottom line--You CAN reverse sun damage and aging and get fabulous skin with a routine you create at home, using inexpensive products available at drugstores or on-line. 


We show you everything to get glowing, great, healthy skin--all over your body.


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Peanut Butter and Whine

"Dana Ramos write like you are sitting with her in the kitchen and she's sharing her secrets with you. I love the way she writes! It's very conversational. She made me laugh several times during the book. She made me stop and think a LOT!! The Skin Regime book is an easy, fun read, jam packed with information. Dana wasn't born with perfect skin, her skin woes match mine!! I truly feel like she is my friend and wants to help me have beautiful radiant skin!!..I had no idea I could do a peel at that would ACTUALLY WORK!!!!!"  [The 1-4-All Peel].



The Stepford Guide

"I was fortunate to try the 1-4-All Peel and read the Skin Regime Book and am thrilled with the results. This product is literally designed for everyone. There was some really great information in this book. It's also an easy read and pretty funny and lighthearted."


Grace Louise Beauty

"The Skin Regime; Boot Camp for Beautiful Skin, is all about telling the truth about beauty products. It's a really intersting raed and she makes some excellent points, like how we don't have to buy into the hype of expensive creams and lotions to get the great skin, we can just buy relaly simple products and chieve great results. It's a really helpful read for someone who does fufer with probelm skin and I think everyone can take something away from it. She not only explains how to get beautiful skin but also gives tips on how to make the rest of the body look beautiful too."

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